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Here is what a few of our customers have to say about our program.

  • MATT A

    "Deleted 6 erroneous collections"

    I don’t know what to say! 45 days ago I couldn’t get a loan! ONE 45 day cycle is all I needed – I finished my Action Plan within the first 2 weeks of being in the process. When I started my scores were 570/606/566 after this process deleted 6 erroneous collections my score went to
    636 (up 66 points)
    697 (up 91 points)
    680 (up 114 points)


    "All we had to do was our Action Plan"

    We’d been with a credit repair company before – spent over $3,000 – and it didn’t work. To say we were skeptical – was an understatement! Our lender told us, this is the only company he trust. After we spoke, I knew this was different. The Action Plan alone is worth the whole fee! Before, we had to send everything back to that company – all we had to do with D&G was our Action Plan – a road map! Boy! Are we glad we called and listened!


    "That debt followed me for 15 YEARS"

    41 items deleted from my file in the FIRST 45 days – added up to almost $50,000 of debt erased!
    That debt followed me for 15 YEARS – all I know, is this system works!

  • KAY L

    "FICO score jumped from 612 to 682"

    Dana, good news, we’ve deleted 7 accounts and wiped out over $21,000 in debt, that the debt collectors didn’t have any incentive to remove until you “chatted” with them. Thanks for helping me with my credit score, as you know my credit was a real mess, and now after 3 rounds, one FICO score jumped from 612 to 682, and another went from 588 to 758 Thanks for helping me clean up my credit.

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